City pages for dining- touring

After I was picked up from Hawthorne my friend The Italian drove me back to the house to get ready for the evening. Earlier in the day I was supposed to book reservations for dinner but I found some problems along the way. First I was trying to find restaurants in the area close by but finding some reviews became a problem. I found out that its hard to find restaurant reviews in Portland and for sushi. My initial search was sushi and then I opened it up to anything just to find information. When I finally found some reviews the restaurants I was interested in were either closed for the holiday or closed for business. Before I could even explain to The Italian about my difficulties, I told him I didn’t get a chance to take the dog for a walk. Silence; then he asks where reservations were made. I had to try and explain the dining situation. He was not happy. My fiasco for the day made me realize how useful our city pages for Crossroads Angel would be if they were available. I could have started writing reviews and taking pictures the food from different restaurants and read others as I continue my travels. Most importantly I could have saved a day on other things. So let this just be an example of another service we will be offering on the site and how it can help you.

When we arrived back at the house, The Italian suggested Mio Sushi. Reservations were made immediately after a phone call confirmed they were open for the evening.


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