New Year’s Eve in PDX

There is probably only one thing I can think of that I don’t like when I visit Portland, this is the time change on conference call days. Waking up at 7am for a conference call on New Year’s Eve, sets up for a long day.  After my call I utilized my free time in the morning to help out with the annual VaC benefit via email.  When I planned my trip to PDX I didn’t realize I was going to miss the event until Zach from A Seasonal Disguise  asked me to help out.  So I agreed to help him out as much as I could before my leave and while I had some time on my computer while I was gone.

Before I knew it, the afternoon had arrived and I received a phone call from a good friend from Boise that now resides Portland.  I was glued to my computer from the time my conference call ended to about 1 in the afternoon.  He called me on his way to meet me at my crash pad so I would spot him down the street.   When I went outside and saw the rain pouring, all I thought was “I’m going to be soaked on this walk”.  I didn’t have an umbrella and didn’t even consider the possibility of rain as I was making plans without checking the weather.  My friend was soaked when he finally arrived but the rain didn’t phase him.  He told me that he is currently delivering pizzas from a popular local pizza spot on his bike.  I walked alongside while he walked his bike and we journeyed on foot in the rain from 37th & Stark to 17th & Hawthorne.  That was quite a walk in a downpour, but those are my favorite moments.  When was the next time I’m going to do that exact same scenario again?

The walk was a great opportunity to catch up with a friend that has a great influence with my electronic music.  We caught up with one another on the topics of the Boise scene and my goals I’m trying to accomplish with music in general.  I always find it refreshing to talk to like-minded people who can share a different perspective.  We were able to discuss some issue we face in communities with art.  The discussion initially started when I mentioned I would like to introduce him to an active supporter of the arts in this area.  He is another friend of mine who has been buying some prints lately and I mentioned how I would like to try to push for people to buy the limited piece instead of prints.  My friend agreed, and said mentioned that is one of the biggest problems in art is creating prints.  He expressed a big smile when I brought this up.  Whether it was because I was showing support for his art or connecting someone to his art, he expressed his gratitude.

We walked in some unavoidable large puddles in the street and sidewalks on our journey to Hawthorne.  At the time we didn’t have a particular destination in mind, but we were going to see what was in the area in which we could grab a late lunch.  I found the walk to be particularly refreshing.  I’ve been on Hawthorne many times, but have only walked a few blocks at a time while I was in the area on a drive.  On this walk I noticed many new things including the details in the old architecture, businesses I’ve never noticed, the curvy roads and rolling hills.  I enjoyed every bit of it.  The rainy weather has never been a friend of mine because I prefer to be dry and hot as opposed to cold and wet.  Walking in the rain and listening to my surroundings,  I clearly understood what I really enjoy about this city; the rain was no longer acknowledged other than splashing in water in my designer boots.  The boots that represented my self expression but struggle to explain to others that they are a design to me but a name for many others.  To myself I was expressing how far I’ve grown in 10 years, because at one point in time while I was in fashion school I would have never worn those boots in wet conditions.  I reflected on a comment someone told me a few years ago on a discussion of weather VS. home.  They said there will always be tradeoffs in any decision you make and some will out weigh others.  I was confused on where I would move to if I had the opportunity to choose because people and weather are the two deciding factors to me.  On this walk I realized what my decision between weather VS. home would be.

Around 4pm we arrived at a mexican restaurant and reviewed together our last 10 years and reflected on 2009.

late lunch on Hawthorne

I didn’t realize all of my accomplishments until I started talking about them.  I started to realize the irony of the day and realized why I made a last minute decision to take this trip.  My meetings and activities I wanted to take part in didn’t coincidently work out but everything just played a course with one another.  The reflection of the past decade I had at that moment helped me realize something.  Here is what I discovered:

-10 years ago on my visit to Portland, OR I accomplished a few firsts:

participating in a marketing competition

visiting a larger city by myself

visiting the city

using public transportation

These firsts had a major impact on the ten years following and almost exactly 10 years later I’m back in the city living and breathing those first as an everyday part of life now.

Late lunch NYE

While I finished eating my salmon fish tacos, I told my friend how great it was to have one of the most influential people in my musical life to go the New Year’s Eve party with me to see one of my favorite touring bands I’ve seen in Boise. At the same time, fortunate to share this moment with him as a representation of his little brother, the other most influential music advocate in my life who is could not be with me.

As the 5 o’clock hour approached to prepare my next destination since my friend had to leave for work and it was right next to where we had dinner.  I called my friend Aspen from March Fourth Marching Band to see if he was available soon then our 6pm plan, but he was currently helping another friend move so it was time for plan B.  As soon as I go online to find out the bus route my friend texts me on his way home saying he can sweep me up on the way back to the house I was staying at.  That seemed to work out very smoothly, and definitely backed up my conclusion on irony for the day.


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