MFNW 2009- Day 2

An early conference call started out a productive day for me beginning at 7am until about 3pm PST. I didn’t realize I was working on the computer for 8 hours straight.  My friend arrived home from work and shortly after we drove to complete a few errands.  I found myself later catching up with Aspen from March Fourth Marching band outside Fred Meyer’s in SE.  We walked a few blocks to meet Andy his fellow band mate at Bar of the Gods. Gods of March Fourth Marching Band

During our walk Aspen provided me with some great information about Portland entertainment and also informed me about the commercial they were shooting the next day for the Portland Trail Blazers.

SE PDXThe band had the opportunity to play the theme song for the team for this commercial and he invited me along for the shoot.  Unfortunately my Saturday became a little scrambled and didn’t get a chance to wear my red and black for the street march.

After a few drinks I went back to my weekend crash pad to get ready to see Inside Voices and Jared Mees at the Someday Lounge.  Eric had texted me that they had my press pass available at the venue so all my friend and I had to just meet everyone there.  For the trip I brought both of my cameras but my friend Benny I was with preferred that he took the pictures for the festival.  No arguing there.  Especially when you have someone that is a great photographer willing to help out.  We captured a few decent pictures of the two bands at Someday accompanied with a new drink I fancied together.  Inside VoicesGrapefruit and seven.  I was glad I was able to run into the manager Karen and check up to see if she received a little note I sent in the mail. Jared Mees and The Grown Children

After Jared’s performance, Benny and I decided to check out the view of the upper-level of the venue.  He was quick to point out the feng-shui  of the seating arrangements.  Between leather sofas, bar tables and regular tables, everything was arranged to accommodate those sitting in each area to see the stage with a good view.  We were able to analyze this perspective a little more closely as a gentleman grabbed a few chairs from another area and placed them in front of us.  Leave it to an Italian guy to be the first to speak up on an inconvenience.  The guy moved rather quickly.

Before the night came to an end I was encouraged to go check out the venue Dantes, where Mudhoney was performing for the festival.  Upon arrival outside I noticed an RV with “Burgerville” written on the side.  This reminded me of my last trip when Patrick and I ate at our first Burgerville in Beaverton so I was hoping to snap a quick pick to send to him sometime in the evening.  My friend was right on my interest of Dantes.  When we entered I was pulled in with the black and red colors throughout.  We grabbed our drinks at the bar before catching the band Zeros, who was currently in a middle of their set.  I also ran into Karen from Someday Lounge once again.  We watched the show on the front side of the stage and at the end of their performance we got a great shot of them walking down the side stairs back to the green room.

Zeros leaving stage

Photography: Benny Casbarro

Mudhoney performed after Zeros and turned the crowd into a party.  The usual upfront moshing, upredicted dancing on the catwalks by fans and singing throughout the entire crowd made me feel like this was a reunion celebration.  One audience member jumped up on stage and gave a kiss to the singer and surfed the crowd with the security out the door.  Then I witnessed a fan on the catwalk in the air to my left dancing with the railing.  His moves led him to the outside of the frame hanging on single handedly.  His dance moves kicked beer bottles off the catwalk.  Security yelled for him to get down but I could tell he was in the “zone”.  The live music moment that you feel you are literally a part of the music and your surroundings start to be obsolete.  They eventually pushed him down and escorted him out as well.  Mudhoney

Photography: Benny Casbarro

I ended the night before the last song from Mudhoney but timing is everything. When we walked out the door I saw the Burgerville mobile start their engine ready to leave the parking lot. My camera was quickly retrieved before they drove away and I captured that picture to share with my partner.


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