MFNW 2009-Day 1

The day to leave for Portland with Finn Riggins to see the MusicFestNW, I had the band members from Ninja Academy at my house to support some tour hospitality.  There were a few items including packing that I left for the morning due to running out of time from promoting and producing the show the night before.  Finn Riggins was running a little later than expected so it worked out fine.  With the help of Eric upon their arrival picking me up we were out the door with my gear.  I walked out the door  with my new Revolt Revolt designer pillow case the band had given me at the show the night prior(my new must have touring item), a small blanket and a messy PB&J in hand, preparing to get some needed rest on the ride. Lisa and Cam welcomed me in the van and we were off!

Promotion roady

There was a lot more room in the tour van than I had anticipated.  Due to my predicament, I packed minimal.  This was quite a new experience for me; the packing of course.  I didn’t realize how big of an accomplishment this little task was until our arrival in Portland.  However I managed to accomplish it, my friend with whom I was staying the weekend with, asked me where the rest of my luggage was upon my arrival.  He was used to my regular visits with a large suitcase and one or two smaller ones tagging along.   Knowing my regular travel routine and not seeing too much of one another the past few years, he was more impressed with my minimal packing accomplishments than those associated with my business.  Guess that just goes to show, I may pull out new tricks anytime.  Finn Riggins

I slept the majority of the ride after conversating for a moment with the members of the band briefing over my event the night prior and other happenings in our local music scene.  After waking up we were in Portland within what seemed like minutes.  Lisa and Cam were dropped off at one of the band’s favorite local spots to grab dinner for us and meet Eric and I at their label Tender Loving Empire to meet up with Jared Mees.

We arrived at the label in time to be some of the first to see Jared finishing up the packing of Finn Riggins latest album “VS. Wilderness”.  Let me correct that.  This was the second time I was able to see Jared working on Finn Riggins album before anyone has seen it.  Remember my trip with Patrick to meet Jared and Brianne?(visit Crossroads Angel tour blog).  When dinner arrived Jared invited us pack to his place to eat and enjoy a beverage package in a blue and white can. –—-does the company want to throw down some sponsorship in the future for promotion?— I’m sure you all know what I’m referring to and if you don’t keep reading my blogs they may be quite informative to you.  Portland, OR

All the guys drove me to the Eastside where I was going to be crashing for the weekend trip. Lisa and Brianne finished up the banner they were going to be hanging up at the Tender Loving Empire showcase on Saturday at East End.  I called it a night or half of a night.  My Friday conference call was at 7am due to the time change.


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