Ninja Academy- show

After only two short hours of sleep, I was up again for yet another eventful day.  This was the day of the Ninja Academy show.  I had stayed up until about 5am finalizing my photo slideshow for each of the acts..  The day was more rushed than the usual work, promotions and going to a show.  It was game time for my event and I had an impromptu invite while I was at the VAC Sunday, from Eric of Finn Riggins to attend the NW Music Festival on Thursday.  This translated to me “work double time”, I wasn’t going to miss a trip to PDX that involved music and an opportunity to take a quick vacation.


Two night classes on Monday and Tuesday, a show Wednesday along with other various activities, skimmed my time for all of my responsibilities.  Thanks to my lovely assistant we were able to get as much of my tasks done that were high priority, but the night before the show was the only night I had to produce the slideshow. Class interrupted some last minute promotions I wanted to accomplish before the night as well as a meeting at the office and being contacted by some of my main clients for last minute questions.  So let’s just say my overload turned into maximum overload.  

On my bike ride home from my office, I was almost hit by a car while crossing a four-way stop. The worst part about the incident was that the intersection was qued from all four sides and the lady that almost hit me was stopped and started moving right before I passed her car.  I was in the middle of the road about to pass the front of her car, when she abruptly stopped and waved for me to go. So I attempt to cross, then she starts to go again and I brake and she speeds off. Fortunately, I made it home with no scratches. 


I had company waiting for me at my house as well as some last minute work items and preparation before Ninja Academy pulled into Boise. Patrick picked me up on his way to go set up our Crossroads Angel marketing table.  Allison from Red Light Variety Show was also meeting me there to set up her pole for the dancing alongside with Revolt Revolt’s set. Originally I planned 6pm for setup and invited anyone that wanted to come by early.  An experienced event planner knows that on the day of the event, a multitude of changes can happen in which you have no control over.  Being prepared with an early time provided some flexibility for any artists that needed some last minute accommodations. This proved to be beneficial with some changes that needed to be made before the show, including modifications to the crazy cool slideshow I made on my laptop.  The ORRiginal format was not able to be projected as planned, due to some difficulties with the projector setup and interest of the usual promoter not wanting to give up playing music videos between sets.  So the final change was transferring the photos to the laptop currently setup with the venue.


Tobin Rogers, a local photographer, had also provided some photos to be used in the visual aspect of the show.  Originally, we decided to create a camera phone photo contest, but it seemed like pulling teeth to get submissions, even with prizes.  This will be one of those ideas that needs to be implemented a couple of times before it takes off, just like any new concept.


Just before 9pm people started coming through door and by 9:30pm it was time for the show to begin.  Isaac came up to me and asked when to start and I said, “now”.  I looked over and saw Daniel Bagley’s (bassist for Mere Cat) eyes looking a little shocked.  The audience was impressed with the sounds of Glenn and her artistic scratchy-catchy vocals.  Isaac and Daniel occasionally expressed interest of their performance to one another.  I could tell they were all having a good time.  I think that only adds value to playing live and helps with the response from the audience.  From the house shows to the venue, “Dodo” was one of my favorite songs for their first venue appearance.  I look forward to other opportunities for Boise to see one of the best underground bands in our area seeping into the venues.  This special venue appearance isn’t expected to be their last but you will have to wait a few more months. J


Revolt Revolt had a highlight to their performance that made this one of their more exceptional performances.  How will they exceed that night?  Maybe with the release of their upcoming album, we can see a little more entertainment or maybe this is the expectation they have made for their new music.  I’ll keep you informed if there will be any more Red Lights appearing to Revolt(Allison’s solo performance without the rest of the show).  Before the show, Chris gave me one of the pink pillow cases covered in hearts with their band logo.  I called it out, “This is my tour pillowcase!”.  I planned on using this for any future trips. That’s what I call a band promotion guru! First trip with Revolt accompanying my dreams would be with Finn Riggins to Portland.  That’s what I call irony.


In between sets with Revolt Revolt and Ninja Academy, the sounds of the skateboards racing back and forth on the mini-ramp was almost like a chant.  Everyone started looking around.  I think the band even asked where the sound was coming from.  Donkey Punch joined them for this tour to provide some martial arts during the performance.  Watch out Leonardo, Donkey Punch cleared the front section of the floor while showing us some of his moves.  Audience members and other performers for the evening progressively moved closer to the stage amazed by the sound and entertainment of the Ninjas.  Looking around I could see what my first impression of their performance must have looked like.  One audience member next to me said, “Where did these guys come from? They are amazing!”  I also saw Jasin from Revolt Revolt and Eric from Finn Riggins enjoying the act with a few big smiles, when the violin string was used to play the bass.   


The outcome of the show was decent, but the response from the audience and artists that helped make it happen was most important.  The best part of entertainment is making an event that is memorable and thanks to everyone that helped out, even those that attended.  Remember if you want to make it one of a kind….make it ORRiginal.




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