Tour de Fat

Tour de Fat

V.I.P tickets- check!

Sunglasses- check!

G1- check!

Ipod- check!

I grabbed the necessities for my bike ride down to Tour de Fat in Ann Morrison on Saturday.  It was about 2:30pm when I found the opportunity in my day to make it to the event.  My friend and fellow promoter Seth gave me the inside scoop on the performing band for the event, earlier in the week known as March Fourth Marching Band from Portland, OR.  Good olde Portland! J  I knew it was going to be good with that tidbit, but when he referred them as a gypsy circus marching band act; SOLD!  He also provided me with John the lead in the group, phone number to set up an interview.  I had no luck touching base with him prior to the show.  After their performance in the park I was disappointed not having the opportunity to do so.

When I arrived in the park music took control, steering me in the direction of the stage.  This was during the time the gentleman was being carried around in the car for donating his vehicle for a bicycle.  I stayed for the small ceremony they had for him; running underneath the red banner before I called to see where my friends were located.  The next few moments determined the fate of the rest of the evening. Tour de Fat

As soon as I found my friends they expressed great joy in some news they were waiting to share with me.  Simultaneously the two of them rambled words (beer or no beer at fault?) about band members, beer tokens and my name also came in to the conversation.  I couldn’t put it all together so my questions in between their details helped provide the filler content of missing information.  The story happened to be that they ran into one of the band members named Aspen who had asked them to grab two beers for them while they were performing in exchange of giving them two extra beer tokens for themselves as payment.  After the story was translated we walked over the line or what appeared to be a pool of people.  I noticed one of our local bartenders Kellycub was helping out with this part of the event.  He appeared rather busy so I refrained from approaching him with his V.I.P. pass to my show in September.  If you read this Kelly email me for your ticket!

March Fourth Marching Band (John)

We grabbed the band’s beers and weaved our way thru costumes towards the stage.  Front and right of center, we danced away with the rest of the crowd after delivering their drinks.  The band provided a taste of fresh entertainment to the local scene.  Capturing the eyes with the eclectic costumes and ears with the harmonizing rhythm of a non-traditional marching band approach; March Fourth Marching Band had created many new fans within a matter of moments.

I was unable to enjoy the rest of the festivities happening downtown that day including a show from some of my local musician friends performing on campus, which include Matt Hopper and The Roman Candles.  My bike ride to Tour de Fat, I ran into Matt and gave him a heads up of my time constraints on the day but would try to make it if it was possible.  I hope there was a great turnout for them during the campus move-in performance.  There was also another event in which I briefly strolled through on Myrtle Street for my good friend and fellow radio show producer for University Pulse, Justin from Too Much Distortion.  My old back yard skate ramp happened to be chilling outside The Flix for some community usage by the accommodations of Justin and his continued interest supporting skateboarding in Boise.  I felt I had enough time managed to briefly check out the events going on but I had to go visit my number one fan and also co-host for my radio show.

Later in the evening John from March Fourth Marching Band called me to tell me that the band was on the way down to The Bouquet for their second performance.  Little did I know at the time during this interaction and my perspective of the situation at the time, would I find out how this show really promoted itself.  A videographer from my Arbiter team had recorded the bands performance from the elevators on 8th street to the walk down to The Bouquet with a trail of new fans while entertaining.  I saw all of this online the week after this happened.  When John called me I was in the middle of cocktails with my assistant and sent a few promotional tweets to start rallying, told him what I was wearing for a reference and made it downtown from the Northend in just a matter of minutes.  I was stoked that they were performing again.

When we arrived at the venue I was amazed at how many people were there…but that was mostly because of the recent history of the place and I didn’t know they had people following them down there.  This created so much energy inside me, that I managed my way to the front of the stage and danced the night away.  I felt like I was at a house show because of the intense energy and sweat shared with the crowd.  Then Aspen unexpectedly threw water on me, now I looked like I was the drummer for a death metal band sweating away during a performance.  After a trip to the restroom to dry down for a little while, the band decided to do an encore.  I walked out of the hall area and the first person I saw was a friend and colleague of mine Lindsey.  Motioning her to head towards the dance floor, the next thing I remember was being a part of starting a train in the crowd.  The band stepped off stage to get some audience interaction while they brought the tempo of the song down along with seeing how low we could go.  Everyone on the floor started creeping down with the band and then rapidly started standing as the beats picked up.  Then they brought some crazy dancing on my behalf.

After the performance I was formerly introduced to the bass drummer Aspen.  We had a great conversation about my radio show and what I’m looking to develop it into for the future.  Discussions of Portland were also part of the next few moments before I headed over to Mulligans across the street.  Upon ordering my drink, two gentleman introduced themselves and refrained me from paying(I knew they weren’t from Boise).  They told me that they were they were part of the production crew for Tour de Fat.  My assistant and I talked with the two of them and exchanged contact information for my future tours with Crossroads Angel.  One was from Austin, TX while the other resided in San Diego, CA.  The bar was getting ready to close and I went across the street to try and catch the band for an interview.  Next thing I knew, Aspen grabs me and pulls me in the minivan taxi with about 8 other members.  Everyone was sat on laps of others.  I looked to see my assistant inside Mulligans conversating with the gentleman that bought our drinks.  All I was thinking was that she has no where I’m going to be and I don’t have an opportunity to inform her, nor did I know what was going on.  I ask, “Where are we going?”  The response was “Super 8”.  All I could think of was where the hotel was located, so I ask “Where?”.  Someone says “Vista”.  I tell them I have to get out of the van.  That was not within my neighborhood and knew for fact it was going to be hard to get back downtown if I end up by the airport.  Sure enough it was.  I camped outside the Super 8 in the empty lot with about 6 of the artists from the tour.  The campout didn’t become reality until Aspen and I did a brief photo shoot inside and outside the hotel.  Around 5:30am we decided to go see where everyone else ended up.  They had rooms reserved at the hotel but when we walked to the side of the building we saw a tent pitched and a bed of sleeping bags in the lot adjacent to the parking area.  The tour bus was located right next to the urban camping site accommodating some of the other band mates.  Dancing the night away caught up with me, because I felt right asleep as soon as I rested my head.  The sound of a tour bus starting woke us all.  That could be the rooster version of a wakeup call for a touring musician I guess.  My assistant picked me up just as everyone received their free coffee in the lobby before hitting the road.  Just another ORRiginal night of promotions.


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