Friday in PDX

Early wake up for the conference call was followed by my favorite espresso in PDX- Stumptown.   Patrick was kind enough to go grab it for the two of us while I worked on my radio show in order to meet deadline.  He is somewhat of a coffee connoisseur so when he returned I immediately asked, “You don’t like it do you?”   His preference with coffee has been noted on the lighter side of brew with the added sugar flavors.  His favorite place in Boise is one that I was trained as a barista therefore I know how those customers differ in taste preferences compared to the others in the area.  Stumptown has a smooth tasting brew to me but it is a little on the longer brew time on the espresso to Patrick’s taste (he is extremely picky on this matter!).  So after the long anticipation of his review on my all time favorite coffee shop- APPROVED!  I was delighted and shocked simultaneously.  I’ve told him about this coffee a couple times and since I knew we were going to be spending a lot of time through Portland in the coming years, I didn’t know how it was going to work out if we had to get our fix from two different locations. 

            We had a meeting planned with Jeremy the General Manager from Portland State University’s(PSU) student radio also known as KPSU.  Before our meet we had to change hotels once again.  The next two nights were reserved in Vancouver, WA at the Hilton.  We wanted to check out the area a little bit and see if there happened to be any smaller venues that residents in the area enjoyed live music instead of venturing over the bridge to Portland.  After checking in we drove to PSU for our meeting.  I was a little excited because this was my second time to this school and visiting their student media center.  I would like to admit that I’m a secret admirer and promoter of the campus.  Portland has a little tug on my heart I think.  My favorite part about the KPSU station and Vanguard student newspaper is that they are located in the basement of the SUB.  Complete silence and isolation for independent media with the benefits of an elevator ride back up to the “real world”. 

            Patrick and I waited in the lobby area outside the art gallery on the second floor to enjoy the view of the art displayed in the windows and the view of the park area outside.  

Portland State(student union)
Portland State(student union)

For those of you unfamiliar with Portland and would like to visit the campus, just find the strip of grass/park area that stretches through NW and SW Portland.  


Lobby in the student union of PSU.
Lobby in the student union of PSU.

PSU is located at the very SW end and you won’t miss it.  Our wait in the lobby extended to about twenty minutes before we decided to visit the convenience store downstairs and grab a drink.  The “All Natural Pepsi” caught my eye and decided to try it, so did Patrick.  He also found some buffalo wing flavored pretzels.  Sounds weird, but if you like buffalo wings this is a great snack anytime that doesn’t require preheating the oven.  I’ve been looking for them since this taste test I cannot find them anywhere.  We finished our snacks and tried getting calling since he notified us of being late due to some traffic.  There was no answer so we walked to the office area and found him meeting with his staff.  The basement didn’t provide phone reception and we rescheduled for a couple hours to meet because of other errands.  Next stop: Tender Loving Empire.


            Thanks to Eric from Finn Riggins, he provided me with Jared Mess’s contact info from Tender Loving Empire.  The picture I developed from the information I found online about the store and reviews from other artists, was quite different than the reality.  For some reason I imagined this store providing recycled merchandise supporting promoting artists as well as the services of a record label to be in an older larger building with dim lighting.  Our drive ended up in the Pearl District in a new building.  Doesn’t sound like my image at all does it?  Walking in I heard some familiar sounds playing through their store and it was the new music from my friends of Finn Riggins.  How ironic was that?  Jared was even in the back room finishing putting all the albums together.  This made the visit seem a little closer to home J.  I walked around looking at all the items in the store and thought to myself: it is a good thing for my bank account that I do not live in the same city as this store!  I could definitely see myself buying a multitude of items because they are very similar to my own art.  Some of these items were fresh ideas that I was excited to see them thought of and developed.  I’m a strong advocate of the grassroots approach to promotional merchandise –clearing throat(ORRiginal Promotions).


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