Portland-Day 2

The first morning in Portland was accompanied by corporate coffee due to the location in the hotel and the time frame we had.  I would like to admit that they had the best cinnamon espresso drink I’ve ever tried.  Even my experience as a barista, I couldn’t get the “real” cinnamon flavor figured out by creating my own drinks, or annoying the baristas at other shops because of experimenting with new concoctions (yes, I am the customer that takes forever in the coffee line because I don’t like to order the same thing ever or the majority of the time).  My theory has concluded that the brand of syrup is the deciding factor as well as the brew of the espresso.  Governor reflection

My partner and I worked on a few office items in our room before we hit the streets checking out the local scene.  When lunch time arrived, he suggested we test out a pizza by the slice in the area.  A recommendation from a local was Rocco’s.  

Rocco's Pizza
Rocco's Pizza

I was stoked as we approached the restaurant and saw the promotion for vegetarian pizza; of course I ordered it.  This was the best veggie pizza I’ve tasted because of the zuccinni and spinach they added in the mix.  The best way to describe the taste is sautéed vegetables with no oil or fresh vegetables cooked in foil on the grill and spread on a pizza crust.  For vegetable lovers this is a must try!

Vegetarian pizza
Vegetarian pizza

After lunch I walked around searching for music retailers in the area of our hotel to introduce myself and drop off some brochures.   In the evening we decided to drive to the beach and see if there happened to be any interesting entertainment going on.  The town of Astoria was only a few more miles from where we ended up.  Using my GPS and our data phones we were able to locate the Goonies house.  Unfortunately it was very late at night so we didn’t get to see too much other than a hand painted wood sign saying something similar to “Goonies Welcome, on foot”.


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