We arrived in Seattle late afternoon and met up with a friend living in the area.  A cocktail was needed by my partner an I, so we tested out the lounge in our hotel upon arrival.  Warwick LoungeThe bartender had a cute European accent, unable to identify clearly what it was but I immediately thought of the artist Duffy because of it and the name of the hotel; Warwick.  

Warwick Lounge

The Warwick Hotel guest services in the lobby were excellent I must say.  This was probably due to my background in promotions, but the hotel provided discounts to neighboring businesses as well as their own lounge.  They didn’t just provide us with a discount to the lounge but gave us an envelope for each room that had a surprise discount enclosed.  I love surprises and discounts, but most importantly I love working or being involved with businesses thinking as well as using non-traditional promotions.  

My check in time was earlier than preferred by the hotel and asked if there was possibility to do so and without hesitation the receptionist not only accommodated my request but upgraded my room to the 14th floor and provided Patrick and I with corner rooms.

Warwick Hotel; Seattle, WA
Warwick Hotel; Seattle, WA



We didn’t use the discounts for the restaurant in the lobby, because I was able to find out what they were before opening them.  The receptionist assured us that they were all randome discounts from 5% to 100% discount of the meal.  After figuring out both of the envelopes were 10%, I was asked by my partner where I would like to have dinner instead.  This was either going to be difficult or a no brainer.   All I needed to know is what my price limit was.  He told me no limit and I said “I have the perfect place if I can remember where it is located”.  I couldn’t recall the name or the exact location of the restaurant, but as an artist I could recall pieces of the area, taste and sound of the location.  I drove us North along the waterway towards the hill.  I remembered seeing yachts outside the window as well.  With luck and memory I was able to find it in with little time and put the sign name in my photographic memory: Palisades.

This restaurant is located next to the yachts accompanied with water inside the dining area with their own waterways with fish.

2009-08-03 19.22.50  This restaurant differs from many of the other fine dining restaurants in Seattle, because it doesn’t focus on the trendiness of the facility but the service and quality.  This is a great place to relax and enjoy a nice dinner but don’t expect to walk out spending less than a few bills. 

  This was the first restaurant I had tasted Ahi tuna and it had built an expectation for every other restaurant that provides the same dish. (I will never eat at a local seafood restaurant again because of service and quality disappointment I had experienced there.  My first visit to Palisades I think set the bar.)  


  Of course accompanying my tuna was a glass of Oregon’s Pinot Noir, my favorite wine and sushi.  Patrick was falling asleep at the table and they made a special trip to accomodate his request for Red Bull.  Who drinks Red Bull at a five star restaurant?- my friends! He actually had a few of them I believe.   

2009-08-03 19.23.14I forgot to mention that it is expected to be around a 2 hour meal, in case you plan on making further arrangements after tending dinner there.  This is a place to enjoy the dinner experience other than just fulfilling your stomach with substance.  It is worth it!  


Coconut Sorbet with Red Devil cake  For dessert we tried the Coconut Red Devil Cake.  It was okay, but for a coconut/ice cream/cake connoisseur I don’t recommend it.  The coconut sorbet was too frozen to cut and made a mess. I probably would have went with a Bailey’s drink or something of that sort.  

 The evening was to a close end after dinner and a few minutes at the pool.  I was tired from the long drive and also had some work to complete before the next day.


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