SEA/PDX tour- w/ no music

My business partner Patrick and I hit the early evening on Sunday to arrive in Pendleton, OR for the opportunity to gain a few extra hours in the day in Seattle on Monday.   Little did I know how the drive would be a much longer than I had anticipated, due to not having music available from my personal playlist.  Being s a strong music advocate; today also referred as “music snob”; it seems almost impossible for me to do something without the art playing in my ears at any point in my day.  I made my own music searching through the stations by mixing snips of radio static and different music genres on air, not to mention my input on every now and then such as “No way—next!”.  I would like to officially call this the static remix!

As we approached our stop for the evening, Patrick searched for a hotel online.  We found a few hotels one for $50 and the other for $90.  This should have been a no brainer right?  The $90 hotel(it’s a casino).  Patrick has a hobby with poker and usually has the odds in his favor.  We checked in the hotel and found out the pool closed within a few minutes of check-in and the bar closed around 10pm as well.  This was definitely not worth the $90; so he made sure that they lost some money.  I went back to the room to do some work and woke up around 5 am noticing Patrick still wasn’t back.  A few of the lights had been turned off from when I fell asleep with my computer and figured he must have returned for a moment.  Around 7am; waking up for the second time with him calling my name along with the alarm.  He jumps out of bed throws some clothes on and says, “I’m not going to get ready until Seattle”.  We pack our bags and cash in our chips.  Let’s just say we at least got the room taken care of :).  He likes to throw his winnings in the managements face so as we collect our cash, the manager wakes by and he waves his bills.  He was being flashy because of his disappointment with the swimming pool and bar close.  


Albino praying mantis
Albino praying mantis

I remembered that I needed to get batteries for my transmitter so I didn’t torture myself on the rest of the drive and stopped at the gas station.  We put the batteries in the transmitter and it still didn’t work. No way! I also noticed that it even plugged into the cigarette lighter but still fails to work.  Patrick tells me it’s a defect.   At this time we are on the road and so I can’t do anything about it; besides I bought it back in Boise so I have to wait to return it.  This was the first road trip I have had with no tunes.

-Note to travelers; don’t recommend staying here unless you want a decent hotel with cleanliness in the area.  This almost cost as much as the other hotels we stay at for the rest of the trip.

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