New collaboration

I remember my first introduction working with music and education; also known as audio production class at Boise State University.  There were many interests for me taking this class other than just audio production and since my first day I’ve had many opportunities helping other people promote their music or musical interests.  Over the past couple of years there are more than a handful of projects I have been working on and developing.  Looking back on what I’ve done and where I want my skills and experience to develop into; there was one thing I wanted to establish or help establish at some point in my life.  This roots back to my first day in audio production class and that is the involvement of kids in the community to be a bigger part of music and arts.  Teaching and/or exposing music and art to others, especially youth in the community is very important goal I have for myself.  There are programs for saving music in schools, but what about the practical use of music and art in our own community?  Education teaches us things that we need to know and if you are lucky there will be at least one person that teaches you how to apply your education to the real world or make you apply it in a manner that you see how it can help you out.  That is if you are lucky.  Supporting the arts has been a struggle for many reasons often times peoples beliefs and because of the struggle of this niche and the lack of genuine people involved in teaching beyond the textbook.  There are not too many people out there that are able to support both and reach out to as many people as they want to.  There are many values I have instilled because of my efforts supporting music and moving into general arts; I want to take it to the youth and have them get involved as soon as they want to.  There is more to art than just creating it.  Supporting and promoting it has it’s own form of art.  Therefore my goal is to reach out to the youth and have them highly involved within arts in their own communities.  They always say that “We are the future” promoting to youth regarding politics, but what about the art?  They are our future.

Today I had an amazing opportunity meeting with two individuals with a youth center they are creating for music and art.  Their is a lot of coincidence on how we crossed paths but that will be in another entry.  There may be a lot to talk about helping out with the development on this and the initial contact portion will be told lastly. 🙂 At this time I am going to help support them with needs they are looking to fulfill.  As a underlying standard for ORRiginal Promotions; recycling is the foundation and at this time I am looking for anyone that wants to donate any items related to art and/or music.

Here is a general list:

-musical instruments

-basic art essentials (paints, paper, colored pencils)

-canvas(used/new), frames

-music/art literature

-music,vinyls, music players

….several items can be used for other purposes and many other items are not listed.  If you have something that you don’t think is fit (I’m sure I can find a use) and would like to support this effort please contact me.


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